It has been reported by Fox News and other outlets that the Obamas are sending their daughters to the elite Sidwell Friends School. While the Obamas are within their rights to send their daughters to where ever they want to send them for school, this issue highlights a hypocrisy of Barack Obama. According to an editorial in The New York Sun, Obama appeared via video at the American Federation of Teachers convention in Chicago to state his opposition to school vouchers. These vouchers would offer low-income parents, especially minorities, the opportunity to provide the same education enjoyed by the Obama children. While the DC school district is one of the worst performing in the nation, if Obama is such a staunch advocate for public schools, then he should put his money where his mouth is and send his kids to a public school. After all, DC schools were good enough for Amy Carter, when Jimmy was in the White House. While Obama stated that he would support voucher if research showed they were effective. Well, research has shown that they do work, as competition is always better. If Obama wanted to show us the Change that he promised, then he should have sent his children to a public school.