I am so sorry for not posting in so long, but I could not let this item of hypocrisy slide from Geraldo Rivera (even being on Fox News, I still can’t stand him). On his show, there was a brief discussion about recent comments made by Rush Limbaugh regarding the tragedy in Haiti. Geraldo called Rush, “a shameless racial provocateur.” This is quite amusing considering that Rivera wrote a book about how Americans fear Hispanics, which sounds like being a “racial provocateur.” While I disagree with Rush’s choice of words, I do think that his assessment of the Obama administration’s response to this tragedy, as opposed to the Christmas underwear bomber is good. While I have heard that the lack of dead Americans allows for the administration to get away with waiting three days to speak about the terror incident, why is it not legitimate to criticize the President for not speaking with the nation as quickly about the Christmas attack as he did Haiti? Both events were significant to our nation and world regardless of the disparity in death toll. Criticism of the choice of words is acceptable, but Geraldo Rivera has no room to talk when it comes to calling someone (in different terms) a race baiter. This is merely an example of his style of reporting, with emotion and flair. While Geraldo has a right to his opinion, I have a right to mine and I feel that his characterization of Rush was hypocritical, given some of his controversial past.


I saw this the other night on The O’Reilly Factor and had to share it with you. Of all the things little Kensley could have asked Santa for, one of the two things she wanted was her dad. As an Army brat, this video brought a tear to my eye. I am happy that she will be able to spend a few days with her father.

It has been reported by Fox News and other outlets that the Obamas are sending their daughters to the elite Sidwell Friends School. While the Obamas are within their rights to send their daughters to where ever they want to send them for school, this issue highlights a hypocrisy of Barack Obama. According to an editorial in The New York Sun, Obama appeared via video at the American Federation of Teachers convention in Chicago to state his opposition to school vouchers. These vouchers would offer low-income parents, especially minorities, the opportunity to provide the same education enjoyed by the Obama children. While the DC school district is one of the worst performing in the nation, if Obama is such a staunch advocate for public schools, then he should put his money where his mouth is and send his kids to a public school. After all, DC schools were good enough for Amy Carter, when Jimmy was in the White House. While Obama stated that he would support voucher if research showed they were effective. Well, research has shown that they do work, as competition is always better. If Obama wanted to show us the Change that he promised, then he should have sent his children to a public school.

I just came from seeing the latest creation of Dave Zucker and was pleasantly surprised. For those of you looking for a little payback against the usual left-wing screed coming out of Hollywood, go see this film. An American Carol parodies the classic “A Christmas Carol” with the story of Michael Malone (played by Kevin Farley, the brother of the late Chris Farley), who is representing liberal “documentarian” Michael Moore. It attempts to show Malone the errors of his liberal ways by interacting with three spirits, including George S. Patton, John F. Kennedy, and George Washington, who take Malone to several places through history.

The film is a very funny one, as it makes the terrorists look like morons and liberals look even wackier than they already are. There is even a cameo appearance by Bill O’Reilly. Zucker uses the film to illustrate how great our country is, but also how out of touch left-wing ideology is with America. He shows the futility of Chamberlain’s meeting in Munich with Hitler, and further illustrates the lack of understanding of the peace movement by portraying Malone as a slave owner because Lincoln did not fight the CIvil War. In Zucker’s parody, the ACLU are a group of zombies, which are dispatched by Patton and some soldiers. Also, college students are portrayed as clueless and blissfully ignorant, while their professors are ripped apart via a musical number where the profs. recount the glory days of their youth in the 1960s.

To his credit, there are some very poignant scenes. One involves Malone being transported to Afghanistan, where we see a touching scene of soldiers kneeling in prayer. In addition, there is a scene at St. Paul’s Chapel in New York, where Washington worshiped while the city was the nation’s capital. The spirit of Washington proceeds to show Malone that the chapel was across the street from Ground Zero.

Overall, An American Carol is a great and much-needed film. It portrays conservatives in a positive light and pokes some light-hearted fun at liberals. I would encourage everyone to go and see the film. Let us make sure that this film does well to show Hollywood that such films have a market and ought to be made.

Former White House Press Secretary, the “thorn” in the side of the liberal White House press corps, conservative pundit, and Fox News personality Tony Snow lost his battle with cancer today. Snow was 53. He is survived by his wife and three children.

Snow’s career included serving as a speech writer for former President George H. W. Bush, host of Fox News Sunday on Fox, an editorial writer, talk radio host, and, most notably, as Press Secretary to President George W. Bush. Snow was known for turning press meetings into memorable events. He was criticized by some for turning the briefings into agenda driven gatherings that did not offer much information.

Snow was first diagnosed with colon cancer in 2005, which forced the removal of his colon as well as sessions of chemotherapy. He initially beat this cancer, but announced in 2007 that it had returned and spread to his liver, which is what ultimately took his life.

His colleagues at Fox are spending much of today remembering their friend, focusing on his career, as well as his love of music (he could play several instruments). Please keep his family and friends in your prayers. As with the earlier passing of Tim Russert, Tony Snow made an impact on journalism that will be missed. Rest in peace Tony.

Though meant to be a funny advertisement for a Latino comedy group, I feel that the following video will both make you laugh as well as get serious about the problem of illegal immigration facing our nation today. So, for your amusement as well as your eventual conservative activism, I give you “300 mexicans”

Thanks to my buddy Tim for showing me this video.

Though conservatives may politically have disagreed with him, the world of journalism lost a great man today. Tim Russert passed away from a heart attack this afternoon while at work at the age of 58. He had just returned from Italy where his family was celebrating their son’s graduation from Boston College. I will always remember him for his famous white board during the 2000 election. Sunday mornings and the entire television world will never be the same. Keep the Russert family in your prayers in their time of need as well as NBC News.